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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Oct 28, 2018

It is the single saddest day on the Jewish calendar.

As you are about to hear in this PODCAST, that statement, purposely given with the present tense “is,” is true today.

It was equally true for Peter’s original Jewish readers.

One day each year, indelibly imprinted on the collective psyches of our Jewish friends then and now.

“It is today as it was then.”

A day which reads in English, “the ninth day of the month of Av” (usually around our month of August).

In Hebrew it is called, Tisha B’Av.

If we don’t understand what this day is all about, we will not understand what the closing verses of 1 Peter 1 are all about. For Peter’s original readers. And for us!

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God bless you richly as you listen.