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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Dec 16, 2018

In 1 Peter 2:5a (NLT), Peter painted this amazing picture. Speaking of you and me, he wrote, “And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple.”

Living stones. As you are about to hear in the PODCAST, Peter may have been an uneducated fisherman. But he was inarguably the master of the metaphor.

Last week, he referred to us as “priests”—a metaphor rich with a wealth of meaning once we understand the role of priests throughout the biblical narrative.

For this week, “living stones.” What a meaningful metaphor that is—“living stones.”

As we are about to learn, this is perfect for us to consider as we close out 2018—a year that has dealt with most of us in a remarkably unkind way. The challenges we have faced, the trials we have endured, the obstacles we have overcome… And yet, and yet, like “living stones,” you are still standing. And for that, I applaud you!

Now to the point at hand: Does anything strike you about Peter’s reference to “living stones”?

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God bless you richly as you listen.