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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Feb 18, 2013

This is a bonus podcast.

Normally, each week I upload the latest in our Jesus in High Definition podcast series. But this past weekend, I took a break from my beloved little flock at The Safe Haven, where the Jesus in HD podcast is recorded, in order to speak at a High School Winter Camp in CA. Hartland Christian Camp, to be exact. One of my all-time absolute favorite places on this planet.

So in place of a Jesus in HD podcast, I reached back into the archives to a message I gave last summer at a Junior High Summer Camp. A brief word of explanation as to what you will hear...

I usually begin a camp on the opening night by handing out to each student a 3x5 card. I then invite them to write down the one question that they would ask God if given the chance. You might be amazed at the questions they would ask. As you will hear in this podcast, I closed my eyes and randomly selected three of the two hundred or so questions that I received. Those three questions were, sadly, typical of most of the questions that those precious students would ask of God. The three questions were these:

1. Can I get my dog back?

2. Why weren’t You there for me?

3. Why are You so mean?

So this message that I gave on the Monday evening of that week-long camp is my attempt to answer those questions. 

What would you say to a group of junior higher/middle school students who are basically asking God, Why is my life so painful? Or, to put it another way, If You are so loving, and if You are so powerful, why do You make me hurt so bad?

This is my best attempt at the answer.

PLEASE NOTE: With some browsers, it may take up to 60 seconds for this podcast to play.