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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Jan 12, 2015

OK. So I’ve got to tell you that I find this entire series of events that we will be discussing in this PODCAST


All of which I will remind you took place in less than 36 hours…


This entire series of events that took place in just one day in the life of Jesus…


I find to be remarkably REFRESHING, while at the same time to the followers of Jesus’ faith utterly unsettling... 


Absolutely REVOLUTIONARY to me, while at the same time to the leading rabbis of Jesus’ day disgustingly revolting…


Undeniably IRRESISTIBLE to me, while at the same time to the Torah-teachers of Jesus’ day scorchingly scandalous.


So unsettling, revolting, and scandalous that they hated Him for it.


Yet so refreshing, revolutionary, and irresistible that we love Him for it!


It’s been quite a ride, really, this journey that we’re on together. Two years ago, we began our ongoing study of Jesus in High Definition. The stated purpose of which is to rediscover afresh who Jesus really is, and what Jesus is really like.


Much to my surprise and our delight, the biblical picture of Jesus that is continuously emerging EVERY SINGLE WEEK is that of a GENTLE Jesus.


A gentle Jesus who did some of the most delightfully surprising things.


A gentle Jesus who said some of the most surprisingly delightful things.


A gentle Jesus who is every sense of the word irresistible.


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Please, please, please share a link to this podcast with your family and friends.


God bless you as you listen.



And THANK YOU, from my heart to yours, for making this journey with me.