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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Feb 9, 2015

The day before yesterday, I read a recently released report out of University of Missouri on the subject of Facebook Depression.


Well, as you will hear in this PODCAST, I really didn’t need to read a report about that. I know all-too-well what happens in my own rather sizable soul when I scan my FB newsfeed. Sometimes I just can’t help but to feel so deeply and compassionately and sadly for many of the challenges so many of my friends are going through, especially as they relate to their issues of health.


I, like so many of you, just want to wave a magical wand and fix everything. But I can’t.


Of course, as the cliché goes, I do know Someone (capital “S”) who Can.Fix.Everything.


But what happens when He doesn’t?


Perhaps amplifying my FB depression, this was the week for “I don’t know if I believe in God anymore” messages. Messages sent to me by a few of my friends, unsolicited on my part, each message unrelated to the others, in which their faith is floundering, seriously so. This precisely because they have things broken in lives, significantly so. Yet despite their cries and pleas to the Almighty Who -- as that name for God so powerfully suggests -- has the power to fix it all. But He didn’t. He doesn’t. 


Now what? What does a person do when, in their moment of greatest need, it appears that God is either…


1. Silent or indifferent or deaf to their pleas...

Or worse…

2. Appears to be powerless to fix it all?


And so, in the lives of some of my friends, faced with a seemingly silent/indifferent and/or powerless God, their faith in God is in a free-fall.


I say all of that so that you know that I take this podcast’s 

passage in Matthew 10 Ever.So.Seriously.


Tonight’s discussion hits me Ever.So.Personally.


And so I will endeavor to bring to this discussion Ever.So.Compassionately the understanding of what it’s like to have one’s faith collapse.


Because it’s simply a fact that, despite the title of the runaway bestseller that just celebrated its 30th anniversary with a rerelease of a 30th Anniversary Edition -- the book entitled He Is There and He Is Not Silent -- for many of my friends, just when they needed Him the most, from all outward appearances God was NOT there and He was deafeningly silent.


Why so silent? It all comes down to what you will hear in this podcast.


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