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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Feb 23, 2015

In this PODCAST, we will discover together an amazing privilege that is ours, especially given tormented world in which we live. We have been given a unique gift of God’s blessing that Jesus Himself empowers us to bestow on His behalf to others.


Just so you know, this is the kind of person I long to be.


This blessing and privilege defines a pretty amazing purpose statement for our lives. 


This is HUGE!


There are so many troubled people in this tortured world of ours. In case you hadn’t noticed, this world has become a #Very.Scary.Place. There seems to be a fog of uncertainty that leaves many of us reeling from feelings of unease in our world today -- on a global level, as well as on a personal one.


It seems to so many as if the world spinning out of control, as if their world is spinning out of control. To the point where God’s peace is the polar-opposite of what people experience in their self-medicated souls. 


Something that is as unsettlingly true in our day as it was in Jesus’ day. Believe me: Life was tough then too.


So in this passage, a very gentle Jesus, who sees people then and now as harassed, helpless, confused, fearful, insecure, fragile… Precious people whom Jesus describes as vulnerable sheep without a loving, caring shepherd.


To people just like that, He then and He now offers the blessing of His peace: the calm contentment that in a world spinning increasingly out of control, Jesus is and ever shall be very much in control.


The most amazing aspect of this is the fact that -- as you are about to hear -- Jesus gave us, gave YOU, the ability to confer His peace on those so desperately in need of, and craving, His peace.


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May God bless YOU with His peace as you listen.