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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

May 18, 2015

With this PODCAST, we break the seal on the last year of Jesus’ life here on earth.


And admittedly, His last year begins on a rather ominous note.


Immediately following this story, Jesus will leave the country. That is no exaggeration. For the first time in His storied 3½ year ministry, Jesus now has to get out of Dodge, fast!


As we have seen in past podcasts, Jesus was run out of His adopted hometown of Capernaum. He was then run out of Nazareth, His boyhood hometown. On top of that, Herod Antipas was hunting Jesus in order to kill Him (this in the wake of Herod’s senseless execution of John the Baptizer). And so we read this in Mark 7:24:


"Then Jesus left Galilee and went North to the region of Tyre" (in modern-day Lebanon).


Yes, indeed. Jesus was literally run out of Galilee and run out of the country.


Something significant happened in this story, here in Mark 7, that forced Jesus to go North and out of the country, rather than South to the familiar environs of His beloved Jerusalem. 


What in the world happened?


What did Jesus do? Or more accurately, what did Jesus fail to do? A failure that caused a cataclysmic religious scandal. A scandal so serious that Jesus fled to the North. Which, by the way, is the exact same word that Matthew used in his telling of this story: scandal.


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God bless you as you listen.