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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Apr 29, 2013

It’s THE question that I get asked more often than any other. And believe me, I get asked all sorts of questions. But in one form or another, I so often get asked some incarnation of the question, Why do you believe that the Bible is true?

A perfectly fair question, if you think about it. I mean, the Bible is an ancient book, written from a place and about a place far, far away, and written so long, long ago. It is filled with funny sounding names. Weird stuff (at least what appears weird to us) takes place within its pages. And yet, we are asked to live our lives and to gamble our eternities on the teachings of its ancient texts.

So comes the question: Why do you believe that the Bible is true?

Ironically, I always find it tremendously challenging to answer that question. NOT because of too little information, but because of TMI -- too much information. It’s like, Where do I begin? It’s like when you walk into a banquet room and walk up to a beautiful, bountiful table overflowing with rich and widely different delicacies, each of which is designed to make your mouth water. Where do you begin? That is my challenge whenever I am asked the question: Why do you believe that the Bible is true?

Consider this latest PODCAST -- our latest in our Jesus in HD series -- my humble attempt to answer that question. Just please keep in mind that it is only a small part of a much bigger answer. Yet, a compelling and convincing answer, it is. So compelling and convincing that maybe, just maybe you won't ever have to doubt the Bible again.

PLEASE NOTE that with some web browsers, it might take up to 60 seconds for the podcast to begin to play.