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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Jun 17, 2013

Time for us to have a vitally important conversation. A discussion about a topic that touches each of our lives in a profoundly personal way.

Tonight, courtesy of a leper, of all people, we are going to develop a theology of sickness and disease.

Don’t let that word, “theology,” throw you. It’s a compound word, theology is. Theos is the Greek word for God; logos is the Greek term for word. “Theology” refers to words about God. So in this PODCAST, we will have a discussion about sickness and disease, one that includes God. Because trust me, God very much wants to be included in this discussion. And God needs to be included in this discussion.

We’ll look together at exactly what happened. Then we’ll make some observations about what happened. And finally, we’ll draw some very important and practical conclusions about how this story impacts our lives, especially when we are sick.

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