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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Sep 9, 2013

It is mentioned 611 times in the Bible; 147 times in the book of Psalms -- the prayers, the heartfelt pleas of God’s people as they (we) reach out to Him.

It is the universal cry of the human heart. Down through the millennia of human history, our most precious literature is replete with references to this elusive quality.

Yet, in our culture, in our day, I hardly ever hear it mentioned anymore. It has indeed become a casualty of a culture in collapse.

In its place, we are witnessing a coarsening of our conversation. Hate-speech fills our airwaves. Violence fills our streets. And an increasing sense of isolation floods our souls.

In this PODCAST, as we continue with our rich and rewarding study of Jesus in High Definition, we will rediscover together this missing facet of a dynamic faith.

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