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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Sep 30, 2013

Leave it to Jesus to offer a blessing that includes the word “meek,” the word which the noted Bible scholar William Barclay called “the most untranslatable word in the New Testament.”

Dr. Barclay was right. As you are about to hear in this PODCAST, I know of no other statement made by Jesus that has been so universally mistranslated, misinterpreted, or misapplied.

Except that Jesus did not come up with this...

Believe it or not, Matthew 5:5 is a quote taken verbatim from the Old Testament, specifically the book of Psalms, even more specifically Psalm 37, and even more particularly Psalm 37:11.

Consequently, it is only in the understanding of that singularly significant psalm that we can correctly understand and apply Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” to our lives.

Let me assure you that the words of this beatitude were and are revolutionary. We are talking about a world view here, one that is not natural. No one by nature has a single strand of meekness woven into his or her DNA.

And yet, as we will soon see, meekness is essential for you and me to develop if we long to live dynamic, vibrant, victorious Christ-centered lives. 

And since this is the only blessing out of the eight beatitudes that Jesus quoted from the OT, in order for us to fully understand, appreciate, and apply this third beatitude to our lives, we must first understand Psalm 37 from which it comes. A truly remarkable psalm! A genuinely heartwarming psalm. A psalm that will confer upon you the totality of the blessing that Jesus pronounced on the masses who gathered on that hillside that day to hear Him.

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