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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Apr 14, 2014

Let me begin this PODCAST with a little bit of Bible trivia. Fun little factoids to tickle your fancy:


You may know that there are 66 books in the Bible.


But did you know that there are 1189 chapters and a grand total of 31,102 verses (KJV)? 


Well, on the surface, these #’s might make it seem like a daunting task to even begin to understand Bible.


I mean, where do you start?


Well, my friends. That’s why I am here. Think of me as the lubricant that makes the machinery of your life run smooth.


Lest you find those #’s to be somewhat dispiriting, what if I told you that we could summarize the entire Bible in only 3 verses? 3 verses that tell the tale?


Want to know what they are? 


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