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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Apr 14, 2019

His name was Pontius Pilate. And as you will hear in this PODCAST, he was not a nice man.

This is the man to whom Jesus was handed over to be crucified.

This is the man who will live long in infamy.

This is the man who caved to political pressure in order to preserve his position of power, even if it meant crucifying an...

Apr 7, 2019

In our run-up to Easter, please join us in this week’s PODCAST as we follow Jesus step-by-step on this Virtual Israel Study Tour through the final hours of Jesus’ life.

Last week, we joined Peter in the seclusion of the Garden of Gethsemane. This week, we’ll meet again in the courtyard of the High Priest.

Mar 31, 2019

Easter is almost upon us. Consequently, for the next four weeks, I would like to take you on a virtual tour of four places that factored most prominently in Jesus' final hours.

In this PODCAST, we will visit the Garden of Gethsemane together.

From there, we will move in the coming weeks to the house of the High Priest,...

Mar 17, 2019

This morning I am (once again!) literally walking where Jesus walked.

But I have not left you PODCAST-less.

Here's a glimpse into my sizable soul during my two years of wilderness wandering.

IOW, how I lost my faith completely, and got it back vibrantly.

May my story be an encouragement to your own. God bless you as you...

Mar 10, 2019

As you are about to hear in this PODCAST, it’s always been a delicate and debatable dance — a Committed Christ-Follower's relationship to the government.

This tension forms a theme that meanders throughout the pages of the Old Testament. It spills over into the Gospels and Acts. It's certainly mentioned in several...