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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Jan 19, 2015

Well, I’ve got good news for you. Great news, at least as far as Jesus and His disciples were concerned. Just in case you were worried about this.


As you will hear in this PODCAST, Jesus finally got a break in the action.


Finally, mercifully, after His enormously long and draining and tiring day -- in which He taught a series of seven parables, sailed to the other side of the sea, stilled a raging storm, sent two thousand or more demons to flight, healed a bleeding woman, raised a dead girl, all of which we have discussed in minute detail over the past (if you can believe it) 4 months -- that one singularly momentous day has now finally come to an end.


Then, after an indefinite period of time, Jesus and His disciples once again took to the road. No sooner did Jesus get out the door, He was met by two blind men, begging Him to heal them.


It is most interesting that of the three Gospel-writers -- Matthew, Mark, and Luke -- who gave us the record of Jesus’ so-called longest day, it is only Matthew who recorded this encounter with the two blind men.


I have got to ask the reason why. Why did Matthew, and only Matthew include this story? Especially given the fact that we have seen Jesus heal the blind before. This was old news.


Or was it?


Trust me when I suggest that after hearing about this singularly significant story, you may never view God’s love for you the same way again.


Yes, THIS story is THAT significant.


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HAPPY LISTENING, and God bless you as you listen.