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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Jul 20, 2015

For all of you End Times enthusiasts, this one's for you!

Welcome to an epic day in the lives of the disciples as a whole, and Peter in particular. 

As you are about to hear in the PODCAST, Peter was a guy who in the blink of an eye rose to the dizzying heights of declaring the very words of God, only to plunge into the abyss of speaking the very words of Satan, and from there to receive from Jesus what could arguably be described as one of the most precious promises Peter or we could ever imagine.

All this in the space of just a few hours/minutes.

From all outward appearances, Jesus and the disciples were fighting a losing battle. By this time into Jesus’ ministry (2½ years into it, with only 7 months or so before the crucifixion), He and disciples were but a not-so-merry band of 13 men.

They were reeling from their resounding rejection at the hands it seemed of everyone. Jesus in particular was at this very moment both a political and religious refugee. The Romans under Antipas’ command were hunting Him; the religious leaders led by the Jerusalem rabbis were hounding Him. 

All was lost, or so it seemed.

Just like it might seem that all is lost to us today. That our nation’s precipitous plunge into a moral abyss is now irreversible, dishearteningly so. 

So to boost His disciples’ sagging spirits (and ours!), Jesus 

took His men on a most unlikely road-trip to a most unlikely place. A field trip that was carefully choreographed to fortify His disciples with the quiet confidence that when all the dust settles, they win; and so do we. A men’s retreat during which Jesus systematically laid out for His men a remarkable roadmap of His final months here on earth. A glimpse into His plan, one that directly impacted the lives of His 12 men; one that equally impacts our own lives today.

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God bless you as you listen!