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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Aug 17, 2015

As you are about to hear in this week’s PODCAST, knowing God’s will for you life is far easier than you may have been led to believe.

Far easier. Uncomplicated. Abundantly knowable. Readily understandable. 

In a word, God WANTS you and me to know His will for our lives.

The reason for this discussion this week is the fact that last week I inadvertently created a vacuum. 

I made a point last week (not even the main point of the message, but a valid and timely point nonetheless).

Last week we discussed the fact that we have come to a place in our day where far too many Christians rather cavalierly throw around the phrase, “God told me...” “God spoke to me and said…” “God is telling me…” or its equivalent. Does that ring a bell?

And we noted then that, Look, words mean things. When we or others invoke such phrases as, “God told me...” “God spoke to me and said…” “God is telling me…” what are we really claiming?

Did we hear an audible voice, such as the voice heard in our passage for this podcast? 

And what is the person to whom we claim, “God told me…” supposed to do with that?

More to the point, if God does not reveal His will to us through an audible voice, how does He reveal His will to us?

How am I supposed to know where God wants me to live? Where am I supposed to work? Do I go to college? Join the military? Get married and start a family? 

How does God reveal His will for my life, and YOURS? 

After you hear this, there will be no doubt as to the answers to those and many, many other questions.

This really is a practical and straightforward as it gets.

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God bless you as you listen.