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Dewey Bertolini's podcast

Mar 31, 2014

You talk about a passage that hits us right where we live. This is it. You’re about to hear one explained in this PODCAST


The operative word in this passage? Jesus said it three times: “Worry!” As in, “Do not worry!”


I can even summarize Jesus’ message even more concisely than that. How about just...

Mar 24, 2014

OK! You may well be wondering, “Are we really going take an entire message to talk about fasting?”


As you will hear in this PODCAST, Yes! We are indeed! And for some very good reasons. 


Just the mention of the word sounds like something out of an ancient Byzantine Orthodox liturgy. Certainly not something...

Mar 17, 2014

It’s one of the most beautiful verses in all of Scripture… which, ironically, may not actually be in the Bible.


But as you will learn in this PODCAST, it really doesn’t matter. Because what Matthew quite possibly did not write, Paul most certainly did.


Paul ascribed glorious praise and power to His...

Mar 10, 2014

Does your faith ever flicker or falter? Are you ever besieged by doubts, pesky thoughts that call into question God’s love, God’s goodness, God’s presence in your life?


You are not alone, as you are about to hear in this PODCAST


There is a battle being waged right before our eyes, a battle of good...

Mar 3, 2014

As you are about to hear in this PODCAST, it is my sense that far too often in the Christian community at large, we display a woefully naive and underdeveloped understanding of person-to-person forgiveness.


Too many times I get the sense that our default position is to demand of the one who is wronged his or her...